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Holographic fan


‍Youtube watch link of the video‍

‍Youtube watch link of the video‍


The holographic fan uses the principle of persistence of human vision (POV) technology to achieve 3D holographic visual enhancement effect, air suspension, and holographic stereoscopic display effect through high-speed rotation imaging of ultra-high-density LED light strips. The product has powerful 3D display function, clear imaging, visual shock, three-dimensional dynamic, display video advertisement, small size, low power consumption and high return rate, attracting customers' attention through various three-dimensional dynamic pictures. It is a good carrier for making advertising lights and advertising. 3D video customization is supported, additional charges are required.



1. Imported brushless motor, the motor is a whole, the installation of the light bar is very simple, and it is not easy to be damaged during international express transportation.

2. Intelligent chip control, material transmission, and firmware update speed are faster, while protecting the current and voltage of the whole machine and reducing heat.

3. Using high-brightness RGB lamp beads, the picture quality is still clearly visible in outdoor sunlight.

4. Energy saving and emission reduction, precise LED lamp beads, low continuous use cost, single power is only 35W.

5. The main body is made of aluminum alloy, the metal texture is not rough, it is sturdy and resistant to falling, no need to open holes, heat dissipation is fast, and the stability is strong.

6. Quickly start the picture in 2 seconds, and the system security user can encrypt it twice.

7. Support: remote OTA upgrade, timed playback, timed screen projection,Multiple units can be spliced.

8. The following products are all packaged in small volume, and the patented light bar can be quickly installed, which is very convenient.

9. A variety of application scenarios: exhibitions, Internet celebrity check-in points, store decoration, facade decoration, advertising, lighting engineering and other rich applications.








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‍Youtube watch link of the video‍



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