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AR holographic classroom


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Kleader L-shaped AR holographic classroom, 40 game projects. Using advanced projection technology and computer interaction technology, the screen is projected on the ground and walls to create a virtual environment for classroom games and a variety of game projects. When participants step into the projected screen, they can directly use their feet or hands and body. Each part of the game interacts with the virtual scene to produce various interactive effects, allowing the audience to be in it and participate in interesting game projects. The system can effectively improve the sensory integration ability of participants, and promote the coordinated development and rehabilitation of brain and body functions. It is an attractive high-tech sensory integration training equipment.

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cognitive game


upper body movement


lower body movement


full body exercise



Game content major: Special guidance from children's education experts, professional content such as perception, cognition, and movement produced for children.

The game is rich in content: a variety of scenes, a variety of difficulties, the content is constantly enriched and updated to enhance the fun.

Large projection screen: When using, it can project a large screen of 15 square meters and 20 square meters or more, the wall and the ground are integrated, and the experience is strong.


The interaction between the wall and the ground projection stimulates children's interest in the environment and enhances the ability to interact with the environment.

Improve children's sensory abilities, including sensory alertness, concentration and discrimination.

Reduce sensory behaviors that do not match the environment and learn specific sensory behavioral responses.

Attract children to active training, increase the amount of rough and large-scale exercise, and promote brain development.

Create interactive training between children to solve problems such as communication barriers.

Help children feel happy and soothe their emotions.


1. Two sets of high-definition digital imaging equipment form a wall-ground integrated splicing screen. The ground imaging equipment needs to achieve a 200-inch imaging area within a height of ≤3m, and the wall imaging equipment needs to achieve a 150-inch imaging area within a distance of ≤3m. Accurately align with the imaging area of the wall to achieve the integrated effect of image stitching;

2. The projection method of the imaging equipment has a reasonable layout, and there is no shadow interference on the front;

3. Projection brightness ≥3000 lumens; contrast ratio ≥15000:1;

4. Unlimited point triggering in the interactive capture area

5. All ports are hidden design, without any buttons and indicators on the surface, which effectively improves the user's concentration, and also avoids the situation that the device is turned off due to the user's misoperation; the hidden startup mode uses the power button and The start button is controlled separately; 2 USB ports enable quick access to external devices;

6. The high-precision radar interactive motion capture device adopts radar for precise positioning and acquisition, which is not affected by the indoor light environment and is not subject to false feedback caused by disturbance factors. Data positioning size: 6MX6M, acquisition positioning accuracy: error <1cm, detection range: 360 degrees.


Youtube watch link of the video

Students can touch the letters on the wall to form a complete English word. The teacher can input any word and explain the picture by himself.







1.1 year warranty for hardware&components

2.Provide the specification of machine, to teach customer how to operate the machine;Send photos and video to customers for reference;

3.Door-to-door service need extra charge!

4.Provide customized services



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