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Naked-eye 3D


The naked eye 3D big screen that is popular all over the world and popular on the whole network, ultra-high-definition naked eye 3D video has become an eye-catching place! Kleader the technology trend of the industry and has launched a large number of naked eye 3D film sources. Both L-shaped folding screens and flat screens are applicable. A large number of films are available for you to choose and can be professionally customized for you!


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core advantages:

1. It can be modified according to the customer's on-site resolution to achieve point-to-point playback. Support 1 "aspect ratio "4, can produce naked eye 3D effect!

2. The effect of the finished product can be directly purchased and played or embedded in advertisements!

3. You can provide your own product model and embed it directly into a brand new naked-eye 3D advertisement for you! No need to stay away from high-rated system costs!

What we have to do is to let you use the money of a finished product to enjoy the high-end customized service effect!

Folding Screen Naked Eye 3D-Sci-Fi Spaceship


Folding angle curtain naked eye 3 D-fashion dynamic red ball


Folding screen naked eye 3 D-tech square matrix


Folding screen naked eye 3D-Space UFO


Folding screen naked eye 3D-many finished products



naked eye 3D game


If you purchase 3 sets of naked eye 3D finished films, you will receive 1 set of scanning code sending blessing software, and the network service period is 1 year.



Youtube watch link of the video‍‍

cave and concave naked-eye 3D, the flying saucer and dinosaur models in the picture below can be replaced with the customer's own product model or LOGO text, etc., you only need to provide the product model or the text you want to display (you can also ask Keling to design for you)Modeling and production) can support any cave naked-eye 3D customization!



The flat naked-eye 3D film source is as shown in the picture above, 9 models can be modified and customized, 3 models can be modified and customized, and the resolution can be customized according to the customer's screen, supporting any horizontal screen resolution

Youtube watch link of the video‍



Regarding the output of the finished film source: provide two modes: dongle and unlimited. The dongle mode can only be used by inserting the dongle. We will provide a proprietary player software to run under windows, which can support other video formats or picture loop playback.

If you want to use your own video processor to play, if you don’t have a windows computer or want to use the LED playback software under windows system, or you want to copy and use at will, you must use the unlimited version. The unlimited version can be required to output one of MP4 and MOV formats, but the price is 50% more expensive than the dongle mode.

If it’s a customized video, don’t consider it, the default is the unlimited version.



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