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Holographic art interactive wall

The interactive art wall of the interactive art museum, when people walk on the wall, there will be a burst of color explosion, and after people walk away, it will dissipate and stop. Support TUIO protocol trigger, the maximum is not more than 4K, more than scalable!


round table puzzle game

The round-table puzzle game in the Art Interactive Museum, the desktop senses the presence of a human hand, and a small sun will bloom. When the experiencer pushes the small sun with his hand, the small sun gathers near the big sun and becomes a small fire flower. There is no limit to the number of people in the game, and things in hand are not affected.



Mechanical Frame of Art lnteractive Pavilion

For the mechanical frame of the Art Interactive Museum, Keling has developed and produced five types of actions: switch, poke, rotate, pump, pull, and so on. Optional 21.5-inch, 32-inch, 43-inch, the system defaults to Android, also supports windows dongle version, self-equipped screen.



Projection Hopscotch of Art lnteractive Pavilion

The projection hopscotch of the Art Interactive Pavilion is realized by interactive projection, which supports multiple projections for splicing and fusion. In addition to cracking when stepped on, the small fish and water will run away in shock! The advanced version can also customize the placement of the house.



lnteractive slide in Art Interactive Pavilion

Kleader interactive slide, the projection screen fits the slide, and comes with 100 interactive games, responsive, easy to install, and a one-button remote switch system.



lnteractive Flower Sea of Art lnteractive Pavilion

The audience seemed to be in a sea of virtual flowers intertwined with light and shadow, and began an immersive interactive experience. VE vision technology and radar touch system create a beautiful interactive sea of flowers. Experiencers can interact with the sea of flowers on the wall with their hands and feel the real flower dance in the deep forest.



Flower Waterfall in the Art Interactive Pavilion

The flowers are falling, the water is flowing, and you can feel the light and shadow art enjoyment brought by the new version of the waterfall and sea of flowers.



Whale lsland Huadie valley

The colorful world of light and shadow, takes you to perceive unknown fantasy scenery, meets the dreamy whale island, and the smart whale drives the colorful waves



Jungle of Light and Shadow in Art Interactive Pavilion

At a glance, the animal’s body is full of flowers. The flowers are born on the animal, bloom, and then fall apart. When you touch the animal with your hand, the flowers will bloom and scatter.



Text interaction in Art Interactive Pavilion

When you touch the text on the screen, the physical image of the zodiac represented will be presented, making the hieroglyphs materialized and three-dimensional, and let us understand the traditional culture of the folk zodiac. Through the touch, the pictographs will also give the corresponding interactive experience, which makes our memory of the pictographs deeper in the play.



lnteractive graffiti in the Art Interactive Museum

Kleader AR interactive graffiti combines scanners, touch screens, tablet computers and mobile phones to make it suitable for all types of electronic devices to draw freely. It has developed 7 colorful holographic scenes by itself. One set of games, multiple ways to play.



Building block traffic in the art interactive museum

Cultivate children's logical thinking ability and improve children's cognition of the three-dimensional world. Support custom development, the default resolution of 1024*768, can also be customized development for other resolutions.



Digital Waterfall in Art lnteractive Pavilion

Supports customization of a variety of material expressions: all mobile materials such as graphics, video, animation display, etc. support custom replacement, which can be replaced with corresponding materials according to the project.


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